Characteristics of a Good Bulk Candy Vending Location

What features of a bulk candy vending location make the location “good” from a route owner’s perspective? Consistently heavy foot-traffic, especially where patrons of the host business have to wait for service, is an obvious answer. But, what about the non-revenue related characteristics of the location? Here are a couple to consider.

Close to Home

To minimize the driving time associated with servicing your route, it is usually best to keep your vending locations as close to home (or to your point of departure) as possible. This rule of thumb should be tempered with common sense. If the location in question is a strong producer (generating, say, more than $80 per month), then you might be willing to drive much farther to service the machine than in the case of a $12 per month producer. Regardless of the strength of the particular location, you should strive to avoid outliers – locations that are both far from your base of operation and also not near other machines on your route.

Indifference to Your Presence

The service-related activities associated with maintaining a vending route tend to draw attention from random passers-by. The act of harvesting coins from a candy or gumball machine often elicits curiosity, sometimes from patrons of the business and sometimes from employees. While this attention can be of a pleasant nature, it is usually not in your best interests as an operator to encourage questions or comments about your activities.

You are at the location to conduct business – your business – and the more anonymously you can do so the better. Regarding conversations with the owners or managers at your locations, recall that you are a guest in their establishment. Your goal is to keep the location. Any conversation, unsolicited or otherwise, with a decision maker at the location can become an occasion for the decision maker to rethink the vending arrangement.

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