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The Weekend Confectioner by J. Scott Jackson

By Ruth on May 20, 2014

I thoroughly enjoy this book. Each time I pick it up, I get something new from it. I mostly love that It is written in layman’s terms so anyone can understand it from start to finish. In my opinion, it covers all areas from A to Z. It informs of all positives and even of the negatives. The author is highly knowledgeable about the content and has an excellent demeanor as well. It lists all the nuts and bolts of going into this from novice to expert levels. He gives excellent advice on business in other areas as well. I highly recommend this book-even if you are only curious about becoming a Confectioner; everyone can grasp something from this book!

The book covers a lot of bases for the newbie. Scott uses his project manager experience to lay out a logical, rationale approach to this business.

The book contains a lot of useful advice based on Scott’s experience running a business and research on the business. Examples include how to get started, what to expect, realistic profit calculations, reviews and recommendations of vending machines, where to purchase them, the pros and cons of candy choices, where to purchase candy, etc.

He thinks like a business person and provides the reader with his experiences from the perspective of his successful business.

The book is an excellent read and is highly recommended to anyone thinking of getting into the business or curious about the candy vending machine business.

I have recently been bouncing the idea around of getting into the vending industry as a way to bring in extra cash flow and possibly an escape for the future. This book really laid out all all the facts for me…. I have decided and will be moving forward with my vending venture!!

This book was perfect to learn the ins and outs of te candy vending business. I would recommend to anyone!