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Is Passive Income a Myth?

Most of us are wisely suspicious of any proposition that seems to offer something for nothing. Whether the term “passive income” is a dangerous code word for “scam” or a legitimate wealth-building method depends mainly on how much emphasis you place on the word “passive.”

Passivity as a feature of revenue generation can be plotted along a continuum. The most passive form of income is portfolio income. You put a large sum of money in the most conservative stock or bond investments available and, if you have guessed correctly as to what is safe, you watch your investments grow (i.e., outpace inflation) over time. This form of revenue generation requires minimal ongoing effort on the part of the investor, but also requires a lot of up-front capital and considerable investment acumen.

On the other end of the passive income continuum are methods that require very little investment capital and only modest levels of business experience, but do require ongoing personal effort on the part of the operator. Bulk Candy Vending exists at the low end of the passive income continuum with respect to entry requirements (meaning, it entails very low start-up costs) and on the high end regarding passivity (i.e., you will have to work for the money).

The Best Insurance: Multiple Streams of Incomecropped-IMG_9097-2.jpg

No matter how good you are at your job, no matter how many degrees or certifications you have accumulated or how impressive your resume, you can be laid off. This has happened to many thousands of corporate employees, and it continues to happen.  Not only do layoffs happen to “good people” – they happen to great people too. You cannot replace the income from a full-time job overnight.  But, with good planning and diligence, you can begin the process of creating additional, non-linear, forms of income that may eventually replace the need for standard “time for money” employment, or greatly supplement employment income.

7 Reasons to Start a Bulk Candy Vending Route

Bulk Candy Vending is a great starter business for someone who has never before been a business owner. The barriers to entry into the business are low and the learning curve is relatively short for most people.  If you have even $200 in seed capital, and the willingness to find locations, you can – and will – make money. Below is a summary of positive points associated with starting a bulk candy vending business.

  1. Greater time efficiency than a regular day job
  2. Quick Return on Investment (ROI) compared to most businesses
  3. Low Startup Costs
  4. Low Overhead
  5. Immediate Positive Cash Flow
  6. Easy to scale up or down
  7. machines 004Investment in an appreciating asset – your vending route

Why I Wrote “The Weekend Confectioner”

I wrote “The Weekend Confectioner” to guide the novice vending operator, step by step, through the process of creating and successfully operating a bulk candy vending business. I approach the subject from a professional, project management perspective, with an emphasis on detailed planning in the areas of:

  • machine selection
  • product choice
  • legal and financial matters
  • route expansion
  • servicing your machines
  • locating techniques

The premise of the book is that anyone can create a substantial, reliable second income from bulk candy vending using the methods employed by experienced vending operators.

If this sounds intriguing to you, you can get started in bulk candy vending now by purchasing your copy of “The Weekend Confectioner: How to Earn Extra Income with Bulk Candy Vending.”  

For $13.99, you will receive a PDF download of “The Weekend Confectioner,” plus a Bonus section containing profit sheets. Happy Vending!

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